Bay Area Vision Meeting (BAVM 2010)

February 5th, 2010.
UC Berkeley

BAVM 2010 will take place at UC Berkeley on February 5th, 2010

The Bay Area Vision Meeting (BAVM) is an informal gathering (without a printed proceedings) of academic and industry researchers with interest in computer vision and related areas. The goal is to build community among vision researchers in the San Francisco Bay Area, however, visitors and travelers from afar are also encouraged to attend and present. New research, previews of work to be shown at upcoming vision conferences, reviews of not-well-publicized work, and descriptions of "work in progress" are all welcome.



Invited Speakers:


  • 12:00-1:20pm Registration and Poster Setup
  • 1:20-1:30pm Welcome (Organizers)
  • 1:30-2:00pm Invited talk: Marc Levoy "Open-source cameras and the Stanford Frankencamera"
  • 2:00-2:30pm Invited talk: Bruno Olshausen "What can biology teach us about vision?"
  • 2:30-3:00pm Invited talk: Luc Vincent "Google Maps Street View: Overview & Computer Vision Challenges"
  • 3:00-4:00pm Poster Session & Demos
  • 4:00-4:30pm Invited talk: Ruzena Bajcsy "Tele-immersion, the cyber-infrastructure for studying body language"
  • 4:30-5:00pm Invited talk: Pietro Perona "Visipedia"
  • 5:00-6:00pm Poster Session & Demos


  1. Xiang Zhu: Non-Iterative Restoration for Weakly Blurred and Strongly Noisy Images
  2. Pawan Mudigonda: Accurate MAP Inference for Region-Based Scene Understanding
  3. David Chen: Inverted Index Compression for Scalable Image Matching
  4. Jeff Mulligan: Robust Optical Eye Detection During Head Movement
  5. Eugene Bart: Speeding Up Gibbs Sampling by Variable Grouping
  6. Jimei Yang: Hierarchical Sparse Representation for Object Recognition
  7. Alexandra Constantin, Ruzena Bajcsy, Sarah Nelson: Unsupervised Segmentation of Brain Tissue in Multivariate MRI
  8. James Coughlan: Finding Small Bumps on the Ground: a Novel Formulation of Stereo Enforcing Smoothness of Elevation instead of Disparity
  9. Ender Tekin: An Algorithm Enabling Blind Users to Find and Read Barcodes
  10. Avideh Zakhor, George Chen and Matthew Carlberg: Classifying Urban Landscape in Aerial LiDAR Using 3D Shape Analysis
  11. Daniel Leung: Proximate Sensing: Community Contributed Photographs as Volunteered Geographic Information
  12. Daniela Ushizima and Jorge Cuadros: Image analysis of ocular fundus for retinopathy characterization
  13. Yang Yi: Remote sensed image retrieval and classification using local descriptors
  14. Hae Jong Seo: LARK: Locally Adaptive Regression Kernels as Visual Descriptors
  15. Reza Moazzezi: Temporally distributed information gets optimally combined by change-based information processing
  16. Silvio Savarese: Visual recognition in the three-dimensional world
  17. Sanja Fidler: Evaluating multi-class learning strategies in a hierarchical framework for object
  18. Adrien Bousseau: User Assisted Intrinsic Images
  19. Mathieu Salzmann: Template-Free Monocular Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces
  20. Sergey Karayev: An Additive Latent Feature Model for Transparent Object Recognition
  21. Brian Kulis: Learning to Hash with Binary Reconstructive Embeddings

Guideline for Poster Presentations

Please put up your poster before the talks start, so that it can be viewed during the full duration of the meeting. Your poster board will be tagged with the poster id as displayed in the program above. Both poster session will display all the poster. Please note that the maximum poster size supported by the supplied easels is 2' by 3'.

Demo Abstracts:

TYZX, Inc: TYZX G3 Embedded 3D Vision System:
TYZX will demonstrate their recently released DeepSea G3 Embedded Vision System (EVS). The G3 is a small, fast, rugged, smart 3D vision system that provides reliable, real-time range data for robots, security systems, and other applications. It is based on a new generation TYZX custom ASIC, the DeepSea 3, which integrates stereo processing with a ProjectionSpace processor, converting raw 3D point-cloud data into actionable data for applications in real time. The G3 EVS’ embedded Linux CPU is user-programmable for hosting applications such as obstacle detection and avoidance, person-following, and path-planning. The DeepSea 3 also features improvements in TYZX’s highly regarded stereo-correlation engine, extending both resolution and accuracy. is the leading innovator in bringing computer vision and machine learning technology to the online fashion shopping space. This demo will focus on:
1. Photo realistic outfit creation. We are applying image based rendering techniques to help shoppers visualize their outfit from product images.
2. Unified search interface that combines browsing, text search, visual search and cross domain suggestions into a seemless experience.
3. User preference modeling and personalized search. We use advanced machine learning methods to model individual's style preferences to create a customized shopping experience without complex queries.
4. Visual style quiz based product recommendation service.


The Bay Area Vision Meeting will take place in the Sutardja Dai Hall on the campus of UC Berkeley. For detailed directions see:


The registration deadline for posters, demos, as well as attendance is January 22nd, 2010.

For comments and questions, please contact Mario Fritz at mfritz at eecs dot berkeley dot edu

Confirmed Attendees

UC Berkeley

  • Thomas Lauritzen
  • Jiamin Bai
  • Michael Tao
  • Trevor Darrell
  • Mario Fritz
  • Allen Yang
  • Carl Henrik Ek
  • Brian Kulis
  • John Kua
  • Ashley Eden
  • C. Mario Christoudias
  • Ravi Ramamoorthi
  • Jimmy Wang
  • Charles Cadieu
  • Brian Barsky
  • Lubomir Bourdev
  • Robert Carroll
  • Avideh Zakhor
  • Jack Culpepper
  • Chunhui Gu
  • Ricardo Garcia
  • Jon Barron
  • Ruzena Bajcsy
  • Trevor Owens
  • Thomas Brox
  • Sergey Karayev
  • Meng Cao
  • Sanja Fidler
  • Maxim Shatsky
  • Mathieu Salzmann
  • Patrik Sundberg
  • Zu Kim
  • Pablo Arbelaez
  • Bruno Olshausen
  • Kilian Koepsell
  • Jorge Cuadros
  • Subhransu Maji
  • Ivana Tosic
  • Britta Hummel
  • Chetan Nandakumar
  • Reza Moazzezi


  • Olga Russakovsky
  • Benjamin Packer
  • Amir Hossein Khalili
  • Andrew Ng
  • Adam Coates
  • Jing-yu Cui
  • Tianshi Gao
  • Shalomi Eldar
  • Stephen Gould
  • Pawan Mudigonda
  • Vijay Chandrasekhar
  • Ngai-Man Cheung
  • Honglak Lee
  • Christian Plagemann
  • Jinshi Cui
  • Shang-hsuan Tsai
  • Juan Carlos Niebles
  • Jia Deng
  • Li Fei-Fei
  • Christopher Baldassano
  • Li-Jia Li
  • David Chen
  • Yongwhan Lim
  • Bangpeng Yao
  • Dave Jackson
  • Kyle Heath
  • Hao Su
  • Zixuan Wang
  • Louis Chih-Wei Chen
  • Jennifer Dolson
  • Fernando Amat
  • Jiquan Ngiam
  • Bernd Girod
  • Gabriel Takacs
  • Farshid Moussavi
  • Barry Chai
  • Kai Kohlhoff
  • Martin Stumpe
  • Sebastian Thrun

UC Santa Cruz

  • Xiang Zhu
  • Damian Eads
  • Hae Jong Seo
  • Hiroyuki Takeda
  • Peyman
  • James Davis
  • Priyam Chatterjee
  • Bin An
  • Maurice Chu
  • Atsunori Kanemura
  • David Ilstrup

UC Merced

  • Shawn Newsam
  • Nathan Graves
  • Ming-Hsuan Yang
  • Chih-Yuan Yang
  • Zhe Hu
  • Daniel Leung
  • Jimei Yang
  • Zaihong Shuai
  • Yang Yi
  • Ling Xie


  • Akira Nakamura
  • Shengyang Dai
  • Su Wang
  • Ming-Chang Liu
  • Mark Robertson
  • Ximin Zhang
  • Andy Huang
  • Quan Yuan


  • Mei Han
  • Thomas Leung
  • Ming Zhao
  • Samy Bengio
  • Troy Chinen
  • Sergey Ioffe
  • Donald Tanguay
  • Tom Dean
  • George Toderici
  • Chuck Rosenberg
  • Sean O'Malley
  • Sally Goldman
  • Sarah Moussa
  • Jingbin Wang
  • Tom Duerig
  • Rich Washington
  • Yang Song
  • Vivek Kwatra
  • Henry Rowley


  • Aaron Hertzmann
  • Michael Kass

HP Labs

  • Wei Zhang
  • Dan Gelb
  • Hui Chao
  • Harlyn Baker
  • Bruce Culbertson
  • Irwin Sobel
  • Wei Zhang
  • Tom Malzbender
  • Yuli Gao


  • Abbas Rafii
  • Arrigo Benedetti
  • Abdelrehim Ahmed
  • Arrigo Benedetti


  • Hailin Jin
  • Jon Brandt
  • Scott Cohen
  • Zhe Lin


  • Kari Pulli
  • Ramakrishna Vedantham
  • Radek Grzeszczuk
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Jiang Gao

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

  • Daniela M. Ushizima
  • Prabhat


  • Kunlong Gu


  • Volodymyr Ivanchenko
  • James Coughlan
  • Ender Tekin


  • Jeff Mulligan

U Washington

  • Dingding Liu

Florida State U

  • Yuhua Zhu

U Michigan

  • Silvio Savarese

UC Santa Barbara

  • Daniel Vaquero


  • Prateek Sarkar
  • Alex Brito
  • Eugene Bart
  • Bob Prices
  • Maurice Chu
  • Maurice Chu

TTI Chicago

  • Raquel Urtasun


  • Qi Zhao


  • Fei Wang
  • Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
  • David Beymer
  • Hayit Greenspan


  • Yoram Gat
  • Yi Wu
  • Wei Sun
  • Horst Haussecker


  • Kuang-chih Lee
  • Katharine Ip
  • Paul King

Honda Research

  • Rakesh Gupta
  • Jongwoo Lim

  • Burak Gokturk
  • Omer Abdul Kareem
  • Luca Bertelli
  • Tianli Yu
  • Orhan Camoglu
  • David Varodayan
  • Lorant Toth
  • Ismail Sebe
  • Navneet Dalal

Lu & Nishihara Associates

  • H Keith Nishihara


  • Sunil Ramesh
  • Arnab Dhua
  • Mark Ruzon


  • Ambrish Tyagi


  • Caroline Pantofaru

Akiira Media Systems

  • Douglas Gray
  • Huazhong Ning
  • Ming Liu
  • Jinjun Wang

NEC Labs

  • Kai Yu
  • Fengjun Lv
  • Ming Yang


  • Joseph Santucci


  • Chukka Srinivas
  • Haiwen Zhao

Obscura Digital

  • Michael Harville
  • Niklas Lundback

Trimble Navigations

  • Sybor Wang
  • Gregory Best


  • Melodie McBridge
  • Robert Shaw


  • Thomas Tzeng
  • Maggie Wang
  • Wei-Kai Liao

IQ Engines

  • Pierre Garrigues
  • Bruno Olshausen


  • Yang Hua


  • Matt Sandler


  • Micah Pearlman
  • Matt Bell
  • H Keith Nishihara

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